15 EBs of flash storage destroyed by power outage?


Flash memory’s cost may increase and effect the manufacturing cost of Mac Pro as well as many hardware in the near future, since Toshiba and Western Digital publicized how a loss of electric power network in the middle of June briefly dropped its manufacturing capacity, when it managed to ruin a storage of 15 exabytes.

Toshiba Memory and WB own a Japan based Yokkaichi factory campus. This campus, on the 15th of June, befell a power outage. Even though manufacturing was expected to fall due to this loss in power, the correct scale of the impact on both the firms was only recently established.

The loss caused to Toshiba Memory’s capacity due to the power outage at the same facility hasn’t been confirmed yet. Having taken part in an acquisition of the unit, in an association headed by Bain Capital, worth $18B, Apple is among the holders at the Toshiba Memory. It is unknown, however, how much was actually invested by Apple.

The cause behind the huge amount of loss was the 10 week long cycle it takes for the generation of every wafer, the Wells Fargo experts stated to The Register.

Between February and April, year 2019, nearly 11 EBs of NAND memory have been shipped by Western Digital. From the May-July quarter, about 12.3 EBs are expected to be shipped.

As the second-greatest NAND flash generator, a pause in Toshiba’s manufactures will probably, in one way or another, impact memory prices around the world. However, the rise might be restricted and won’t last for very long.

After the increase in the prices of high flash memory in 2018, the price of the NAND flash has been falling. Manufacturers appear to be hoarding the memory’s inventory.