1st 5G autonomous car driving test bed to be launched by South Korea.

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With a declining automotive industry, South Korea is aiming to bring new and innovative technology to the industry. In western Seoul, the Sangam test bed will officially open and is expected to have all the necessary infrastructure such as a recharging station for electric vehicles, detailed 3D maps of the road and a “future mobility centre” that will act as the overall control tower. The test will also be open to the public and even operated 24hrs. It is planned to conduct and test “Cooperative-Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) services based on the 5G network communication, Yonhap News had reported. 5G being the latest wireless communication network technology, it is capable of superfast connection speeds, low latency and the ability to handle multiple units on one system without it shutting down. This network coupled with the detailed 3D images and the maps of streets and software’s for the perfect amalgamation of these two will result in the high possibility of vehicles being driven without any human input. Being Asia’s fourth largest economy, South Korea was the first country in the world to launch the 5G service on April 3rd of this year and it plans to cover neighbourhoods of 85 cities which is expected to benefit 93% of the population by the end of 2019. This also means that most of the land in Korea will be covered helping in the development of self-driven cars. A driverless future might be coming sooner than we think, although there are people opposing this move due to imperfections in the current technology of driverless cars.