2 cheap XIAOMI products straight from Ebay


For the world Xiaomi is only about those flashy phones and smart yet fancy wearables but there are many other electronic devices and gadgets that the company manufactures. To our disappointment these things never make it outside China. Even if they do you have to go through quite a hassle to get them due to the ignorance pertaining to their existence. Of many devices, two interesting gadgets of Xiaomi that are easily available on Ebay if needed are the focal point of our article.

One of the two is Xiaomi SO WHITE electric toothbrush that currently costs just $12.88. It is not your typical tooth brush that can help you with oral hygiene although its ultimate goal is to provide the owner with clean and shiny teeth. What makes it so special? Well, it weighs only 50g and has light body and a single charge can keep it running for almost 25 days.

A deep tooth cleaning is possible with its soft bristles and your choice of vibration from the 3 this product offers. Its autonomous smart timed functioning makes it easier for you to brush for instance; a 30 second jolt to remind you to switch places and it turns itself off after 2 minutes. It goes without saying that it is fully waterproof with standard IPX7 certification.

Xiaomi Tripod Bluetooth is another product that we are obsessed with. If you are tourists it is a must have, a selfie stick that is self-timed and has stable Bluetooth connection. In addition to this it is highly portable, lightweight and comes with tripod mode with a Bluetooth remote to assist you or a classic expandable up to 50cm selfie stick that can rotate 360 degrees. It has built-in 60 mAh battery that makes it last long. It might be old school and so 2017 but it comes with a very affordable price of $16.99.