Quest Diagnostics

Access of unauthorized user into the data of Quest Diagnostics


One of the largest providers of the country’s diagnostic testing told that around 12 million customers’ information has been compromised because of a data breach.

The Secaucus-based diagnostic testing company gave a confirmation that was an incident related to the data security which involved AMCA who is a billing collections vendor, told Mister Wendy Bost who is a spokeswoman for the Quest Diagnostics. Even though the happening of the breach did not take place at Quest Diagnostics, AMCA is the service provider to the Optum360, which provides the payment services in return to the Quest Diagnostics, Bost stated.

In a filing with the Security & Exchange Commission, Quest Diagnostics told that AMCA informed the company about the presence of some unauthorized access on the web payment page of the AMCA and that the information from the Quest Diagnostics as well as the Optum360 customers might be suffering in the near future.

AMCA passed the following statement: “We are in the pursuit of investigating a data incident which involves an unlicensed user who accessed the American Medical Collection Agency system. After receiving the information from a security compliance organization which works with credit card companies of likely security settlement, an internal review was conducted by us, and then we took down the web payment page of ours.”

The information which was stored on the affected system of the American Medical Collection Agency system is inclusive of bank account information, medical information, credit card numbers, personal information as well as the Social Security numbers, as per told by the SEC filing.

In order to respond to the breach, Quest Diagnostics has put the sending collection requests on hold to the American Medical Collection Agency system, said the statement. Notifications were also sent by the company to the affected health plans.