Are cows going to be the next target of visual reality

Are cows going to be the next target of visual reality?

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According to the announcement made by Moscow’s Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Virtual Reality headsets have been developed for dairy cows residing on a farm on the outskirts of Moscow by a team of vets and researchers. What is the reason behind this? For convincing these cows that aren’t standing in cold wintery fields, rather in summer fields. This will help to calm them down, as well as, reduce their anxiety. In addition to this, they will be ultimately producing more milk than they would otherwise do.

As a new technology, Virtual reality is so promising that it is also applicable to animals. Obviously, the Russian cows did not put on HTC Vives or Oculus Rifts but were instead equipped with specially designed headsets that were huge enough to fit their heads. Other than that, they were also durable enough to endure (harsh) farm conditions. Particularly for creating a summer environment they were exposed to, the warm and red color scheme was chosen by the designers since as per the findings of a study on cattle vision have revealed that the perception of cows of the red part of the visible spectrum is better than others.

Notably, after experimenting with the VR headsets, it was recorded by the experts that there was a drop in the level of anxiety amongst the cows, as well as, a boost in the general emotional mood of their cows. As far as the impact of the VR headsets on the milk yields is concerned, by conducting further comprehensive study, this will be demonstrated, even though it is being expected by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food that the yield will be increasing, considering the links that are well-established between the production of milk and emotional well-being of a cow.