Argonne Research Team Creates A New Resonator Responds to Multiple Frequencies

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As time progress, microcontrollers and electronic devices lose their precision due to many environmental factors including magnetic waves. This error affects many different processes in the world, which needs delicate precision to be conducted.

However, addressing this problem, just recently a team at the Center for Nanoscale Materials, which is associated with the United States Department of Energy, working at the Argonne National Laboratory, has discovered a new technology that might change how components work. The research included the creation of a micromechanical devices which reacts to external waves in a different way compared to currently used technologies.

This resonator can react and respond to multiple frequencies even though it is of only one frequency. According to the scientist leading the team, “The novelty here is if you excite this resonator device in the right way, the structure vibrates with a spectrum consisting of multiple frequencies evenly spaced, in spite of the fact that it is driven by a single frequency.”

Usual approaches includes using multiple resonator. However, in this case the creation of a single resonator that responds to multiple frequencies is a breakthrough. This allows devices to be less complex in creation. This allows many devices to multitask in a connected network without errors in precision.

The next step for the study is to try to expand the number of frequencies that the resonator can cope with. Furthermore, the use of higher frequencies is also important for the study, to understand the effects caused in different applications.