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Artificial Intelligence used by China for flagging Thousands of Uyghurs for Detention

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As per revelation by the documents of the leaked Chinese Communist Party, China makes use of artificial intelligence to round up Uyghurs, as well as, other ethnic minorities for detention in a network of mass internment camps in Xinjiang.

The classified documents that were made public on the 24th of November by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists also revealed the oppressive inner workings going on inside the detention camps in the western region. It is known that at least 1 million people have been detained, as per the figures estimated by the United States Congressional-Executive Commission on the United Nations and China.

Another major leak came amidst just days of the inner-workings of the Chinese Communist Party in Xinjiang that uncovered that Chinese police are being navigated by a huge data collection, as well as, analysis system that makes use of artificial intelligence for selecting whole categories of Xinjiang residents for being put into detention.

According to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists’ report, in a matter of seven days, the names of nearly thousands of Uyghurs, as well as, other ethnic minorities in the region were issued to be interrogated and arrest making use of data that is gathered by mass surveillance technology.

As stated by the report, the Chinese Communist Party obtained a massive amount of ‘intimate personal data’ by means of warrantless manual searches at checkpoints of Xinjiang, cameras that recognize faces, as well as, other means.

As of 2016, the target of artificial intelligence has been individuals or persons that seem suspicious. An application was used that encourages its users to download the Islamic book i.e. Quran, as well as, spread other teachings of Islam with others, as per the website. The Chinese application is known as Kuai Ya.