Autonomous tech race to be won by China?

Information Technology, News

China has been a leading name in whatever field or sector you choose to test it in and this has only been proved time and again by the various sectors of the nation that do record-breaking stuff in some record-breaking times. The tech sector of China is also rapidly advancing and making the nation home to some of the most amazing technologies to be developed in the global technology market.

As the world moves towards a revolution in the automobile sector China is also making amazing progress in the sector and emerging as a leader in the given field. Autonomous driving is all the craze in the new tech and automobile sector and almost all of the world is trying to achieve autonomous driving before anyone else claims to have done it first. Attempts to this emerging new technology or trend as you may call it have increased from all over the globe.  WeRide is part of a group of Chinese start-ups, including and AutoX, hoping to eventually put driverless cars on the road for passengers by creating multi-sensor systems aimed at helping the cars drive themselves.

For Chinese companies like WeRide and, as well as US firms like Waymo, the holy grail is to reach Level 5 in autonomous driving – whereby a driverless car would be able to perform driving tasks in all environmental and road conditions the same way (or even better than) a human can. Who knows when we will be able to see a truly autonomous vehicle but with China trying, we surely expect the nations to speed up their researches.