Award won by the Computer science & engineering graduate for a doctoral thesis

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Alumni of the Penn State ‘Kaisheng Ma’ who was a student of Computer Science & Engineering program recently won the award by the European Design and Automation Association ‘Outstanding Dissertation Award’

According to the European Design and Automation Association’s website, the award was given in recognition of the vitality of the university research to the development and expansion of the design automation & test, for the encouragement of the young researchers for working in the field. There are 4 categories for the outstanding Ph.D. dissertation: new directions in the physical design, logic & computer-aided design for mixed-signal, novel directions in the system on chip platforms, new evolving architectures, new directions in the optimization for secure systems, and new directions in the reliability, safety, and hardware design. Ma got the honor of award reception in the 1st category.

In the university, the co-advisor of Ma was Vijaykrishnan Narayanan who is an Assistant Professor of Cs & engineering. He passed the following statement: “I feel very lucky to have worked the talented Kaisheng Ma. He was the one who deserved this award very well since he was very passionate about his work. I am very proud of not Kaisheng Ma but also all the other students whom I have had interaction with. I am really hopeful that Kaisheng will continue to be an inspiration for the coming generation in his own role as a member of faculty at any best institution.”

Ma’s dissertation acknowledges that the shift from the battery-powered systems to self-powered system shows a bright future for fueling the coming revolution in the Internet of Things meanwhile also recognizing the need for the development of specialized IoT architectures as well as systems which are tolerant to this variation of power.