Ayala bullish talks about the latest automobile venture

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Maxus Philippines targets to sell at most 1,800 units of its China-made vehicles next year as the Ayala Group’s latest automotive brand aims to counter the notion against products made in China.

After launching the brand locally earlier this month, the company plans to sell 500 to 600 units at the end of the year.

With the 9-seater Maxus G10 and the 13- to 18-seater Maxus V80, the company wants to attract large Filipino families and companies in the cargo and shuttle business with vehicles that cost more than P1 million.

But in doing so, the company might also have to convince Filipino consumers that products made in China could be of good quality as well, just like Apple products.

Competition alone with other companies in the commercial vehicle segment is one thing. Countering a narrative against China-made products, at a time of rising tensions, is another.

“We really need to counter that,” said Maxus general manager Reginald See, commenting on the perception against vehicles made in China.

“The vast majority of our devices, even shoes and even garments, are altogether made in China; however the quality is getting ever more elevated. So we’re depending on that. In the event that you take a gander at the [Maxus] vehicles, these are not low quality vehicles. These are awesome quality vehicles,” he said.

English firm Leyland DAF Vans propelled the Maxus brand in 2004, preceding Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. obtained the advantages of the LDV Group and preceded with the Maxus brand.

“We have an unassuming focus on this year since it’s just a half year from now [before 2018 ends]. We are looking around 500 to 600 units. In any case, we intend to twofold or triple that by one year from now with new item contributions,” he said.