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Backtesting software on smartphones into POS terminals

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Holland’s ING Bank is testing a new software application that turns a smartphone into a point of sale device. This is done without the need for any additional hardware. The trails have been conducted, and they are using a POS software system developed by Istanbul based software developers’ provision. Small retailers and outdoor merchants will be able to use the mobile service. These services will be used to payments as payments are currently limited to contactless limit, so the provision says that it hopes to expand the amount of application accepted by using a pin on glass or other Technologies. This application uses near field communication known as NFC technology through which customers can tap their cards on the merchant device to complete a transaction. Any Android device that has NFC functionality can be used. The application could prove disruptive to a POS hardware and software market, for example, best known for introducing the world’s world’s first mobile attachment keep capable of accepting EMV chip-embedded credit cards. MasterCard suggests that application would help bring for the number of a or cash-centric dealers into the financial system, which will result in bringing for making the reduction in the grey economy and will eventually also help in eliminating the risk of Cash Loss. This technology is somewhat considered to be secure due to the proximity of devices. Indoor and outdoor merchants, as mentioned, will not be able to use mobile services to process the card payment, which has one of the most significant advantages as people nowadays want to enjoy this kind of feature. The ING Bank testing software returns in the smartphones into POS terminals, which has one of the biggest revolutions, and it aims to provide financial services to the merchants and small scale retailers.