Baguio city to prohibit gadget usage while on roads, walking

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The council of the Baguio City in Philippines has agreed to the prohibition of gadget usage when walking on roads or other public places.

When talking to the media in an interview Francis Robert Ortega, the Baguio City Councilor, stated how the Anti-Distracted Walking Law is put in place so as to make sure the pedestrians are secure on the streets.

The 24th of June marked the day of approval for this Anti-Distracted Walking Law.

Francis Robert Ortega expressed how using technological gadgets when on roads holds great risks since it paves way for undesirable accidents.

It is considered completely normal to view Filipinos using their mobiles while walking on Philippine roads. This paves way for numerous accidents and also makes these pedestrians an easy target for robbers.

If pedestrians are caught using their mobiles on streets for the first time, they will be given an oral warning. In case they violate the rule the second time, they will have to pay up 1,000 pesos (nearly $19.55). A third violation will have them pay 2,000 pesos (nearly $39) in fine as well as more than 10 days as a community servant. For the fourth violation, the individual will have to pay 2,500 pesos (nearly $48.88) along with 11-30 days as a community servant.

Benjamin Magalong, the mayor for Baguio city, is yet to sign the law. Following his signatures, the law will be applicable after 15 days.

Situated inside the Cordillera Central Mountains in the north of Luzon, Baguio City is nearly 1,600 meters beyond sea level.