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Bitcoin mining and China, North America

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According to the recent trends in China and North America, there has been a small but growing sector of active mining operations in many parts of the world, and when it comes to Bitcoin mining America and China will be the first and the foremost countries to have this Trend. According to recent news and articles, China currently accounts for only 60% of global Bitcoin mining. When the issue of Bitcoin mining comes, there are many speculations made and which creates dominance all over the country. This dominance, particularly in China, is banned by the Chinese government because maybe in work is causing some kind of speculation about the future of China’s dominance in the sector of Bitcoin mining. It is not extraordinary that these Chinese government is trying to put the sector of Bitcoin mining but also argues that it uses too much energy and is very bad for the environment. The Chinese mining company, known as between which is the largest in the world, has been looking around the alternative location and to partner with the countries all over the world, but with the recent Innovation and collaboration, this company announced a new operation in Rockdale, Texas. One argument also comes that the bottom line for profitable mining is inexpensive power, but according to the Government of China, this is impossible unless and until one does not have the preferable electric connections and sustainable power. There are several reasons why China is considering a ban on this technology.