Brazilian Agriculture Introduced to New Blockchain and AI Tech through Microsoft

Brazilian Agriculture Introduced to New Blockchain and AI Tech through Microsoft


As stated in a report by Cointelegraph Brazil on the 6th of June 6, Microsoft, in Brazil, has managed to acquire a set of applications which are made for the purpose of betterment of productivity in the sector of agriculture.

The name of the newly registered technology is FarmBeats. FarmBeats utilizes drones, IoT, blockchain, AI and big data for the purpose of improving efficiency. The technology has already been distributed on numerous farms in the New Zealand, United StatesIndia and Kenya. In the farms in these countries, it has managed to decrease water consumption by 30%.

The scientist responsible for founding FarmBeats, Ranveer Chandra, while in conversation with Epoca Negocios, stated recently how the sector of agriculture has been deprived of developments that can be brought about by Artificial Intelligence, blockchain and big data. He added that in spite of being a slighter industry, ‘hunting’ had managed to achieve a greater digital revolution.

Epoca Negocios states how technology is vital for farmers as they need to compete, every day, which natural factors such as the changing climate, and the increasing demand for produce. Ranveer Chandra elaborated that in order to meet the food requirement around the world in the upcoming 30 years, production needs to be raised by 70%.

Ranveer Chandra has reached out to the Brazilian government asking them to make use of this latest technology and also to promote/sponsor it how they sponsor fertilizer and farming equipment.

FarmBeats stresses how it increases the amount of produce yielded, alongside aiding farmers in utilizing their assets more efficiently, through providing statistics relating to the temperature, moisture, and the nutrients contained in the ground.

Microsoft has recently made numerous expeditions into the vast world of blockchain. Only last month, it publicized, for the Ethereum blockchain, the latest Azur Blockchain Development Kit