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China Chief of Apple declared Chinese Developers as foremost figures in terms of downloads and profits

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Ten years after the launch of the App Store by the United States’ technology giant ‘Apple’, total number Chinese developers have exceeded 2.2 million and they have become a prominent force in the development of the app, China Chief of Apple stated.

Managing Director as well as Vice President of Apple, Isabel Ge Mahe passed the following statement: “Chinese application inventors are on the top of the world when it comes to the number of app downloads and the sales revenue, and have developed to be a very likable community of developers.” This was said by the VP to Xinhua on an Expo which was held in China on this Sunday.

She further said: “By the means of Apple’s App Store, they have found a gateway into the global stage and majority of them have successfully become cases globally.”

Then she gave the reference of the world hit success of the ‘Tik Tok’ app which is a short video sharing app also commonly called ‘Doujin’ in China, and the applications invented by the China’s Palace Museum, as illustrations of China’s ground-breaking talent.

Ge regarding the zone of mobile internet passed the following statement: “In the region of mobile internet, China has become the center of interest of the world. We can proudly say that we are contributing to China in this modern digital age and collaborate with other Chinese partners to bring more innovation to the industry of development.”

Apple has recently launched 4 Research and Development centers in the Chinese cities of Suzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai, giving jobs to a total number of 1 thousand people who are dedicated to the innovation in software, hardware, and many more such services, Ge said this for the conclusion.