China offered Hong Kong students internships during protests

China offered Hong Kong students internships during protests

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A number of government-backed community organizations in Hong Kong and Shenzhen said they would support Chinese students on the mainland who were planning to leave the city before the companies stepped up with their deals.

In Shenzhen, the Communist Youth League branch of the city said on Wednesday it would allow students back to the mainland to stay free at one of its 12 accommodation facilities for up to seven days.

The organization of the Peking University HSBC Executive MBA student said on Thursday it would host some Hong Kong students so they could start their studies near campus at Shenzhen University with free accommodation for up to seven days.

The Hong Kong liaison office of the central government issued a notice on Sunday stating that Beijing should support Hong Kong’s mainland students. Marine police sent a ship on Wednesday morning from Hong Kong to help students from the mainland leave the CUHK campus.

There are approximately 18,000 non-local students in Hong Kong’s eight publicly funded universities. Students from over 50 countries and territories make up approximately one-fifth of the 20,000-strong student body of CUHK.