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China ‘wants a new security relationship with Japan’

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As American trade war leaves national capital searching for befriending Former diplomat says national capital created provide throughout a visit by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe last year — however, has not explained what this may mean. China is seeking to make ties with its neighbor once chilling in relations with Washington left it feeling progressively exposed. China has recommended to Japan that the two countries ought to attempt to build a brand-new security relationship because it seeks to beat their long-standing group action within the face of worsening relations with the U.S, per a former Japanese diplomat. Tomoki Kamo, United Nations agency is currently an academician specializing in 1981; affairs at Keio University in Do, aforesaid Beijing 1st planned the thought once Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited China last October. Abe’s visit was seen as a trial to boost relations once the two sides’ long-standing territorial dispute within the East China Ocean poached over in 2011. “The Chinese aspect coined the phrase ‘new security relationship’ before Abe visited China last year,” Kamo aforesaid. “Obviously, Beijing’s worsening ties with Washington were a crucial trigger.” China has long regarded Japan as a regional and strategic rival, and their dispute over the Senkaku islands, referred to as the Diaoyu chain in China, remains a possible flashpoint. National capital has conjointly been reluctant to debate a security relationship with its neighbor — whose invasion occupation of huge components of China in warfare II LED to voluminous deaths and remains an in-progress reason for friction — for concern it might be seen domestically as a symbol of weakness. However, the worsening relationship with the U.S. has left China feeling more and {more} beleaguered and pushed it to hunt more friends around the world.