Chinese surveillance an issue??


China, as we all know, is the most populated nation of the world with a huge mass of land in its borderline. China has also been known to file the most patents as compared to any other country in the world.

China’s reputation in the tech market is quite a respectable and honored one if you could say that. With the most patents filed the country is bound to have some amazing tech developing under its hood away from the shadow of the world that casts a dark image on the developments. Technology scene is transforming China, aiding the nation to improve life in some ways, but also collecting big data. The government is beginning to convert that data and surveillance footage into social credit scores which is a completely new approach to which critics are saying that it can be used to penalize those who criticize the Communist Party. In China’s Lipu Mountains, past rolling hillside farms, the remote city of Guilin is nestled into a valley and built along a riverbank that’s been inhabited for 10,000 years.

Today, this old town is getting older. The population is older and often needs medical care. The closest hospital is far. So, on this day, they line up for a mobile clinic on a bus. Visiting specialists have a small room in the back for X-rays and a nearby room for eye specialists to check for cataracts. In this clinic, everything is electronic. And all the patient records and data feed into a single phone application. It’s made by the company Ping An, and the app is called Good Doctor.