CityFreighter Incorporation Unveiled their CF1 Prototype at the ACT Expo that took place in the Long Beach.

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The 2019 ACT Expo has been the world-premiere of CityFreighter’s full electric medium-duty CF1 truck offering outstanding innovations to serve the last-mile requirements of fleet operators.

Select highlights of the CF1 are:

  1. A very low-floor cargo area platform of just 43 cm (17 inches)
  2. Compact dimensions of  21 x 9 x 7 feet and a GVWR of 5 tons
  3. Entirely keyless operation
  4. 100 mile plus driving range
  5. A modular cargobox
  6. Industry-leading TCO

The payload capacity is 2.4 tons and with a minimum of 710 cubic feet, all based on the aforementioned 17-inch low-floor design.  To achieve that, the rear axle is equipped with an electric air suspension.  This avoids the need for an electric lift system, reduces loading / unloading times and significantly lessens driver strain.

CF1’s all-electric foundation is just a part of this.  We build on that by integrating customized, modular designs across the entire truck, from cabin & driver ergonomics to battery & drive-train to the multi-purpose, modular cargobox.  The CF1, in turn, connects to route-optimization and goods-tracking systems.

This integrated, design-driven model enables a broad range of vehicle hardware and software development choices specific to the needs of our customers. Future developments will focus on autonomous functions as well.

Just 10 months ago, we were still at the early design stage on paper, but with a very clear vision of what we want to achieve.  To create the CF1 in such a short amount of time required a massive effort coupled with truly agile product development.

Now we are ready to scale-up and are focusing on the US as our first commercial market. We look forward to working with potential customers to understand their requirements and serving their last-mile needs.