Coaching is the key factor that drives girls to continue playing sports

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A one-of-its-kind multinational report was released by the Women’s Sports Foundation which highlighted the experience of girls related to sports and the important part coaches play. The findings of the report will be featured at the opening ceremony of Nike Legacy Summit beginning it’s new Women Coach LA initiative and its association with the City of LA.

Today, these findings, along with the others were released through the Women’s Sports Foundation report with the title “Through a gender lens: Maximizing Girls’ Play & Potential.”

Doctor Deborah Antoine, CEO of WSF stated: “We know that through sports, girls grow and thrive in limitless ways, and the coaches who teach, encourage and inspire them to play a vital role in keeping girls active. Our Foundation’s enduring commitment is to ensure that all girls and all women have access to sports and physical activity, together with the benefits they provide. We were purposeful in designing this research to examine the girl-parent-coaching dynamic through a gender lens, to discover best practices for maximizing girls’ personal and sports potential.”

Both the program leaders & experts affirmed that various gender equality issues like often signaling girls that ‘sports are for boys’ can be addressed via gender-informed approaches. Also, female coaches can be strong role models for girls giving proof that they belong to and deserve to take part in sports.

General Manager of Nike, Caitlin Morris said: “This research reinforces the power of all coaches to increase girls’ confidence and participation in sports. In addition, female coaches serve as catalysts to inspire more girls to get active because if she can see it, she can be it. Nike works with local partners around the world to break down one of the barriers girls face – the lack of trained female coaches – to inspire the next generation of athletes.”