Colleen Wong, Tech entrepreneur and her gadgets firm

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Colleen Wong, a 43 year old, is Techsixtyfours’ founder. Techsixtyfour is the firm that made My Gator Watch, which is one of the UK’s very first wearable phones that also has GPS trackers for children.

She used to work in a bank where she’d make million-pound deals on daily basis. It was very high pressure and stressful work so she decided to voluntarily take a redundancy.

Items for the safety of children such as wearable gadgets with trackers did exist before as well but were not for sale in the UK. Wong searched for manufacturers in China and within a few days, had ordered some samples and also registered the name of her company. She had found a product close to what she was looking for, a watch, basic mobile phone, and a GPS tracker all rolled into one. However, it was not very suitable for the small fingers of Children. So for the next eight months, she redesigned the watch with the manufacturer.

The Parents that she spoke to welcomed the idea of a wearable phone that would give their independence but no internet access.

Wong put in twenty-six thousand pounds of her own money and raised another two hundred thousand pounds from crowdfunding. In the year 2016, she exhibited at The Wearable Technology Show as well as The Gadget Show Live.

Colleen Wong said that there were tough times for them as well. They were caught in the media storm regarding wearable gadgets being hacked. But she said that she recruited a cyber security team to ensure the safety of her products.

The company has now expanded into other European countries and has sold over three thousand watches through Amazon and their website. Recently, they won  the award of Sky Women in Tech Scholarship along with a grant of twenty-five thousand pounds.