Companies investing money into hardware and dominates the market.

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Past few months, Google has revealed the new Pixel phones. The talk about another big giant tech, Microsoft, has launched surface tablets and laptops Facebook launching a new smartphone display called portal along with Oculus VR headsets. These are the most dominant players in the software market, and they rule the hardware market. Apple is the most significant market share in the consumer’s wallet. Companies continue to make a tremendous profit after every year as they are some strategic reasons behind why big software companies keep on launching their products even if Apple is the ruler in the market. Other software companies provide their branded hardware experience to the consumers, and which becomes the reason for consumer preference the less costly products as compared to that of Apple who are wholly manufactured for the premium segmenting of the market Pixel phones can help Google achieve the age by offering and each product that gives access to Google software is very much famous in the market people have been trusted over the Google’s advancement and technological aspects, and this triggers the people to buy Google smartphones. Plus, people also have the belief that Google has been earning the loyalty of millions of people with its software, and now people tend to believe in Google hardware as well. As far as Microsoft is concerned, Microsoft has been one of the market players in releasing the laptop and tablet, including the Surface Pro X and surface laptop 3. Microsoft is the world’s most prominent computer manufacture and D tech the hardware quality, which people also believe — coming up with big companies, Apple has always nominated its way to be a market player in the field of Smartphones.