Cookpad to develop own hardware design

Information Technology, News

A Tokyo-based food-tech firm best known as a recipe sharing platform, Cookpad Inc. has publicized how it intends to inaugurate its very own hardware design ambitions with a novel linked hard and soft water supplying gear which it calls ‘Oicy Water’.

Still, mostly in its construction phase, Oicy Water was first revealed to the public at the Smart Kitchen Summit: Japan today. Making the device work is a simple task, all the user has to do is attach 2 bottles (one of hard water and one of soft water) at the head of the machine. The machine has controls over it, it also comes with a mobile app. These featured make it easy to adjust the hardness of your water to your preference by combining the constituents of the two bottles as the machines dispense out your water.

You may be familiar, to some extent, with the difference between hard and soft water. Minerals such as magnesium and calcium are present in hard water, whereas soft water is one that has been previously treated, the only ions left in it are sodium ions. It has been established the use of hard or soft water during cooking can have a great effect on the flavor of the dish. This is one area where Cookpad’s newest device might be useful.

Cookpad’s plan is to format the recipes written on its website by adding the exact hardness level the water in the recipe requires. For instance, if you’re making rice, the recipe on Cookpad will state the exact percentage the hard water has to be in which you are to boil the rice. The digital recipe will communicate with the water dispenser which will then, automatically, dispense the same amount of water with the optimum hardness level.