Danger from Iran still high, warns U.S. top security consultant

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On Thursday, John Bolton, the White House National Security Consultant, stated how the threat from Iran did not appear to be non-existent, however, it has been deterred, courtesy of rapid action from the United States.

In an act that the United States officials stated was intended to respond to the obvious indications of Iranian threats towards the American forces in the region, the United States military has deployed its forces to the Middle East, comprising of B-52 bombers and also an aircraft carrier.

During a visit to London, John Bolton addressed the reporters by stating that he still believes the threat is present, however, he is of the idea that the rapid response, on U.S.’s part, the deployment of forces, and the necessary actions they took, succeeded in serving as a constraining measure.

When questioned whether he disagreed with the President of the United States Donald Trump who, previously this week, stated that the United States was not hoping for an alteration in regime in Iran, John Bolton said how important it was for everyone to understand how the policy they were looking to go by was not a regime alteration policy.

He also stated that there was a chance that evidence in favor of Iran being responsible for the oil tanker attacks that took place in the Gulf this month, would be presented to the United Nations Security Council the following week.

Bolton believes that everyone in the region, regardless of whether they have had a chance to take a look at the evidence, is of the idea that these attacks were positively carried by either Iran or its stand-ins.