DEF CON 27’s 5th IoT Village to have ‘Independent Security Evaluators’ Publicize Latest Exploits and Studies


DEF CON 27 is going to be held at the 9th and 10th of August, in Las Vegas. The IoT village intends to invite investigators, security leaders, and influencers in order to display their newest studies and recently-found vulnerabilities.

Introduced by Independent Security Evaluators, which is a security referral and research company, IoT Village has created for themselves a global reputation at DEF CON. DEF CON is established as the biggest get-together for hackers. IoT Village has managed to showcase more than 50 speakers, responsible for exposing greater than 300 vulnerabilities in linked devices, harvesting admiration for most of these presenters in just five years.

IoT Village acts as a high-profile arena for the hacking population to guide dealers as well as customers regarding the vulnerabilities that connected devices possess. Along with the conferences and workshops by investigators in charge of dissecting feats, people in attendance can take part in IoT’s hacking competitions.

Ted Harrington, of the Independent Security Evaluators, stated that IoT Village is the place to let the community know of any significant news regarding deficiencies in IoT security. The success of IoT Village is owed to the fact that it showcases the expertise of the finest and smartest people in us.

The Iot Village welcomes all discussion pertaining to IoT security problems. Especially preferred are studies that haven’t yet been published and subjects that are newsworthy, such as IoT devices and the managing of these devices, shortcomings and their remedies, research that can be demonstrated, and IoT security in industries such as travel, healthcare, etc.

Security consultation company, Independent Security Evaluators (ISE), specializes in application, blockchain vulnerability evaluations, and also, training and safe software generation for firms that may be often targeted due to them safeguarding valuable assets.