Diffusion of 5G

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Referring to the generational shift, surfers are more than pleased with the enhanced ‘G’ idea.  Contrarily, the thought of being exposed to enhanced ‘G’ is very much detested by fighter pilot, mentioned as the ‘G effects’ for the gravitational attraction experienced by a body which leads to a decrease in the flow of blood. This results in the head receiving lesser amount of oxygen, which paves way to disruptions in one’s sight, incapability of bringing together muscular movements which in turn results in unconsciousness. The diverse implications of ‘G’ are proving to be troubling to people, however, that is not what this session will be addressing. The ‘Le Châtelier’s Principle’, in the branch of chemistry, is just an efficient way to establish the direction in which a particular chemical reaction, which is in equilibrium states, will shift as a result of applied stress to the system under question.

When, chemistry among nation states, glamorized thanks to the Westphalian model, whilst the thought of Europe’s Roman Catholic retaking disappeared indefinitely, the very same chemistry, presently, is being exercised as the skill of carrying out dialogues/negotiations, and the ability of addressing matters without giving rise to enmity, informally known as a soft play of power.

The emergence of the trade war between China and the United States appears to have contributed to the very expected theory of power transition. This is centered on the distinctive rates of growth and their corresponding impacts on varying relative influence/power among countries.

This recognized theory has great conflict probability with the emerging force, China, challenging the United States, the established power, for likeness in modifying the status-quo, commonly known as the ‘Thucydides Trap.’

The tale of Huawei, the China based Telecom Company, with a benefit in installing 5G networks which have the power to change national economies, holds major consequences for the U.S.