El Chapo’s Mother granted American visa to visit imprisoned son

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The convicted drug lord El ChapoGuzmán’s mother, Consuelo Loera, was granted visa by the U.S embassy in Mexico to meet with her son in prison. She claimed she and both her daughters were cleared by the authorities for visas to the US.

A crowd of journalists encircled her debilitated wheelchair-bound body while she meekly thanked God for the embassy’s authorization.

Loera, at spending four years away from her son, was, clearly, relieved but simultaneously distressed since the authorities still hadn’t confirmed the date for the visit; and rightly so, as the US officials refuse to assure the accuracy of the news. They are of the view that the drug baron need not get a second trial as the evidence against him is plenty.

Guzmán’s mother, according to Guzmán’s lawyer, was told, following the interview, by the US officials that she and her daughters will be allowed to visit Guzmán, in addition to getting a letter stating that they’ll be contacted by the authorities if the need arises.

Where Loera expressed her wish to bring González his most preferred Mexican dish, her son, upon hearing his mother’s desire to hug him, rejoiced, “Did you see how excited she was?”

Upon receiving a letter, when he was in Guzman’s home state of Sinaloa, from Guzman’s mother voicing her distress over not being allowed to see her son, Mexican president spoke in favor of the issuance of the visas. The president clarified the reason for his intercession as a sense of empathy for Loera, even though, in Feburary he had called Guzmán’s conviction a lesson about money and happiness not being correlated.

Before being found guilty of organizing a large-scale smuggling maneuver, leading the Sinaloa drug cartel, also known as Guzmán-Loera Organization, and fleeing Mexican prisons twice are only part of Guzmán’s crimes. The trial only added to the stories of ghastly murders and peculiar spots for hiding cocaine.

Guzmán’s lawyers, instead of challenging the accusation against him, claimed Guzmán to be a scapegoat of incomparably more immoral government witnesses.

Guzmán faces a lifelong imprisonment sentence in a high-security US facility to prevent another jail breakout that he is exceptionally popular for in, his home city, Mexico.