Following a more than 30 year pause, Japan to continue commercial whaling

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After observing the worldwide ban of more than 30 years on commercial whaling, Japan has decided to continue with the practice.

Japan continues to hold its argument of how whaling is practice rooted in the country’s culture. Even after the ban was imposed, Japan resumed whale hunting saying it was for the purpose of scientific studies. Critic, however, are of the idea that that this was untrue since Japan also resumed its sale of whale meat for revenue.

Japan publicized its decision to leave the International Whaling Commission in the December of 2018. Greenpeace Japan referred to this pronouncement as not being in sync with the global community. They added how in order to do its part in protecting the marine ecosystems, Japan must act immediately.

On Monday, the representatives of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus paid a visit to 2 immigrant prisons, among increasing criticism at accounts of brutal living conditions following Donald Trump’s border programs.

Joaquin Castro, a Texas Congressmember, pronounced the settings at an adult camp as being similar to those in a prison. He stated how the females were put in cells that lacked running water and adequate health care. Some people had been held in cells for more than 50 days, while some stated how they were unaware of where their children were being held. The Clint Border Patrol station was also paid a visit by the congressional representatives. The station had received immense backlash due to latest accounts of how it held more individuals than it was capable of housing and how the children locked up there were put through brutal settings.

A press meetup outside the Clint children’s jail was held by congressmembers which the activists received with loud boos and racist comments.