For his 4th of July celebration in the National Mall, Donald Trump needs tanks


The U.S. President Donald Trump has hijacked the 4th of July celebration, which was an age-old conventionally non-partisan Washington, D.C. event attended by numerous people every year, and is making it into a festival only himself and his MAGA followers.

For many years now President Donald Trump has wished for an honorary military parade for himself. He agreed to give in only when his generals told him how the cost, $92 million, will be excessive to say the least, and the hardware would ruin the streets of Washington.

However, now he is generating his very own Fourth of July celebration. The event will incorporate a speech by Trump aimed at America. He has, once again, asked for the tanks.

P. Daniel Smith, the acting director at the National Park Service is wondering how to fulfil President Donald Trump’s demand for tanks or other military vehicles on the National Mall for his 4th of July celebration.

He stated how the negotiations over if giant military vehicles, for instance Bradley fighting vehicles and Abrams tanks, should be used for Donald Trump’s ‘Salute to America’, is among the numerous ongoing particularities when referring to Thursday’s event.

The tanks are known to weigh nearly 60 tons, if not more than that.

The event will also showcase a Navy’s Blue Angels’ military flyover, and a jet which was among those used as Air Force One.

The event, ‘Salute to America’, will be displaying 2 massive firework shows, whose costs are being covered by the fireworks firms themselves. However, America’s taxpayers will have to cover up the costs for this great event for the rest of the year.