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GAN Welcomes the legal certification of Internet Sports Wagering in the State of Tennessee

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GAN which is award-winning inventor as well as supplier of corporation Business to business level services, Internet gaming software as well as online gaming material in the America, delightedly welcomes the signing and the legally allowing of the internet sports gambling in the State of Tennessee, giving allowance to the state-wide sports betting exclusively through internet and mobile phones.

In the United States, Tennessee isn’t the first but the 12th state which legalized the betting in sport and the 4th one in this year to do this so. After the launch, 16 percent of the population of the United States will be able to put bets while playing online sports.

In the first week of May, the bill of the legislature was passed by the Tennessee which permitted online sports betting solely on the basis of State-wide, anticipated to begin from 1st July. The bill has now been carried to the Governor who gave allowance for the bill to become the law even without getting his signature. On the 25th of May, this law came into effect.

There aren’t any physical casino spots located in the Tennessee State. But, with an anticipated population of 6.8M, the legal certification of the online sports betting is likely to be profitable to the business of GAN, as the company expects the current clients to increase their operations online supported by GAN into the Tennessee State in 2019.

GAN is a top business to business provider of online wagering software-as-a-service solutions to the United States’ industry of land-based casino. The Company has established a patented internet wagering enterprise software system, Game STACK™, which it permits mainly to land-based US casino operators as a solution for technology for regulating real -money internet wagering.