Glance Technologies Preview the Bar and Nightclub Merchandise

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Glance Technologies Inc. has finally announced its upcoming Bar and Nightclub merchandise. Glance plans to transform the bar-going experience and ordering at bars/payment plans.

Almost everyone who has been to a bar or a nightclub has experienced the immense frustration and inconvenience that comes with waiting in a crowd of people surrounding a counter, struggling to get to the front, and then begins the struggle of trying to catch the attention of the bartenders. Every so often, bartenders end up spending the bulk of their time merely taking orders and dealing with payment transactions than actually making drinks. Paying at a bar is often very difficult and disorganized therefore people commonly opt to leave their credit card with the bartender so that they can be charged at the end of their night; however since numerous credit cards are left behind and can be difficult to claim back because of the large crowd for the customer. This also typically results in bars experiencing major chargebacks and increases the risk of fraud as there is no verification or PIN number noted during the transaction.

Glance CEO, Mr. Desmond Griffin has said that, “Glance has designed an elegant bar ordering and payment solution which enables bartenders to focus on providing the best service while making the experience fast, fair and easy for the customer,” and he further added that, “with Glance’s new feature set, customers will be able to skip the throng of people at the bar and enjoy time with their friends while they wait for their order without the stress of leaving their card behind.”

Glance is confident that these new features will prove helpful to bars in attracting more people towards their establishments and that too at a much quicker pace and significantly increase the quantity of beverages that are delivered with the same staff while ensuring a significantly better experience to their customers. In addition, Glance has already begun previewing this equipment to bars and is looking forward to the feedback received to date. In the near future, Glance expects to share even more information about these new products.

Glance Technologies owns both Glance Pay and Glance PayMe, a joint venture of smartphone payment applications that allow merchants to offer their customers with secure payments, digital rewards, and enhanced experiences. Glance also offers targeted in-app marketing, geo-targeted digital coupons, customer feedback, in-merchant messaging, custom rewards programs, digital receipts, and deals.