Go champion retires as Artificial Intelligence is impossible to defeat

Go champion retires as Artificial Intelligence is impossible to defeat.

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A key player of the Chinese policy game Go has planned to give up work, because of the increase of artificial intelligence that cannot be fought against. Lee Se-dol is the first human being who could successfully defeat the AlphaGo software, which was established by the sister company of Google Deepmind. In 2016, he participated in a five-match confrontation against AlphaGo, got defeated four times but managed to win from the computer once. He mentioned he was certain he wanted to quit after understanding that he cannot be at the top of the ladder anymore even if he turns into the number one. He further said, there is a unit that can’t be beaten, as reported by the world Go champion for the 18th time to Yonhap news organization of South Korea.

Lee Se-dol is reflected to be one of the most successful Go players of the current times. The 36-year-old previous world winner began playing when he was just 5, and gradually became an expert in the period of 7 years. His downfall by the AlphaGo software was considered as a milestone for artificial intelligence.

AlphaGo was established by Deepmind which is a sister company of Google. The parent company here is Alphabet. Alpha Go software was designed in China nearly 3,000 years before and has been used for years.

Issues: 2 performers play one after another placing black or white stones on a 19-by-19 grid. The player, who seizes the most area on the board, wins. The board game is a way more complicated challenge for processors than chess.

A player can mainly take around 200 moves, in comparison to nearly 20 moves in chess – and there are more probable positions in Go than atoms in the galaxy, a stated by investigators.