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Google: Closing the gap among hardware Rivals Samsung and Apple

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On a very recent base, Google’s acquisition of wearable Pioneer Fit bit may be a bold step into the health and fitness technology, and this also proves that the Google’s transformation towards entering the fitness segment has been a great tab to its revenue and to its product diversification. The latest app in the internet’s giant often also becomes an effort to sell and to increase the consumer hardware market which is lagging behind in terms of the other countries as the highly depend on the Technology which makes them in able to develop the higher potential technological products as compared to India. Google is a software and search Indian company who have applications like Gmail and Android software for smartphones on a certain base is it also has its own smartphones launched recently which are doing good in the market but Vigilance of its new fitness segment related software and hardware devices now Google for the last seven years has been building out its own image in the hardware products with the launch of this fitness watches and this these fitness hardware Google has no entered into different segment competing with apple. Cloud enables pixel smartphones, which are a huge craze and a variety of smart gadgets from speakers to the various Wi-Fi routers. These include Dinesh pixel market Smartphones, and last month the company announces Slate of new products, which include the pixel phone and wireless earbuds, but its gadget cells are still less as compared to its rivals brands Apple and Samsung.