Google to mislead consumers over Location tracking

Google to mislead consumers over Location tracking?

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Australia consumer Watchdog on Tuesday announced legal action against Google for allegedly misleading consumers about the way it collects the data and uses the person location data of the local residents of the people often to the internet. Australian Competition and Consumer Commission claims Google collected and use the highly sensitive and valuable personal information of Android phones and take tablet uses without giving them a choice or any ultimatum or any reminder and the technological giant has accused of making is leading on-screen representations about the location data. Location data it was collecting and when certain Google account settings were enabled or disabled, people never came to know. The chairman of Australian competition and consumer Commission Adam Sims said that the watchdog for seeking significant penalties and for Google to acknowledge its past behavior was inappropriate. The chairman said that the baby has been continuing over the years and they want a declaration that the current period should not continue. Many complaints and reports of the consumer that the location they want to go or they want to receive or even see is not accurate most of the time and the data has been stolen or misguided. Google always secures and ensures the privacy of data of it consumers but these allegations of Australia over the Google have created a lot of loss in Goodwill for the company. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says that between 2017-2018 Google fails to disclose that both location history and web and application activity settings need to be switched off to prevent the location from the data collection. Now, these allegations on Google will be lost for the company this made is out in Google losing too much due to these allegations.