In spite of Donald Trump’s promising post on Twitter, U.S. blacklist for security threats still holds Huawei


The China based company, Huawei, has proved itself to be vital in establishing novel, speedier 5G telecommunication webs globally, however, the United States is worried how the firm could be a means for the government of China to spy on the U.S.

Larry Kudlow, the economic advisor at the White House, stated how the President of the United States, Donald Trump, will not disregard the security apprehensions face by the country following the agreement to let U.S. based firms sell a few gears to Huawei.

Huawei will continue to stay on the American blacklist, said Larry Kudlow while speaking to CBS’ Face the Nation and Fox News Sunday, as a possible security risk.

He added how any further U.S. licensing will be simply for the purpose of usual products, and not concerning national security, for instance software which is commonly obtainable globally.

Referring to Huawei as a risk to the national safety of the United States, a few of the Republican senators, on Saturday, expressed disapproval of Trump’s statement. Florida’s Senator Marco Rubio referred to this as a disastrous mistake, in a statement made on Twitter.

Donald Trump’s statement, which was published on Saturday, was a consequence of his meeting with the Chinese President Xi Jinping which took place at the G20 summit in Osaka.

Huawei was placed on the U.S. trade blacklist the previous month. President Donald Trump had then stated how its standing will not be confirmed until after the trade talks between the United States and China had concluded.

The Capital Economics’ chief economist, Neil Shearing, projected how the trade talks to go smoothly, however, he expects them to accelerate in the next year as concerns relating to trade strategies will appear to be stubborn.

According to the Trump administration, China is aiming to fraud its way to supremacy in the fields of future technologies including quantum computing and AI.