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Increase in China’s robot censors as the Anniversary of Tiananmen comes near

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For China’s internet, it is the year’s most sensitive day since it is the anniversary of the Bloody 4th June crackdown on the protests regarding pro-democracy at the location of Tiananmen Square, and with only two weeks to go, the Robot censors of China are working overtime.

At the internet companies of China, the censors say that the tools required for the detection and blockage of the content related to the crackdown of 1989 have reached to the unparalleled levels of accuracy, assisted by the learning of machine and the voice as well as image recognition.

One of the content screening workers at the Beijing Bytedance Co Limited, who didn’t want his identity to be revealed because they didn’t have the authority to talk to the media, passed the following statement: “ We at times say that the artificial intelligence is a blade and the human is a knife.”

One of the employees stated that when he first began this type of works around 4 years ago there was an option to remove the pictures of the Tiananmen, but now the artificial intelligence has greater accuracy. 4 sensors, working across the company, Weibo Corp and Baidu Inc Applications said they censor between five thousand to ten thousand pieces of info every day, or precisely five to seven pieces per minute, majority of which are said to have porn or violent content.

Even though there has been an advancement in the Artificial Intelligence censorship, today the tourist snaps in the square are sometimes blocked by mistake, one of the censors stated.

Bytedance refused to pass any comment, while the Baidu and Weibo did not even respond to the request for comment. He passed the following statement: “ the internet users are as much confused as are the responsible authorities. Even if there is an irregularity in the enforcement, they know the very basic option to intensify the pressure.”