iTunes is left behind by Apple after the harmonization its software

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On Monday an announcement was made by technology giant ‘Apple’ that is has improved the privacy features by harmonizing the software across its collection of devices while dropping its revolutionary & innovative iTunes store as it prepares itself for more kinds of digital content.

The Chief of the tech giant ‘Tim Cook’ along with various executives put their concentration on the privacy features as they revealed the improvements for the software of various products inclusive of Mac computers, Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad, etc. at the annual gathering of the tech giant in the Silicon Valley.

iTunes online shop that had changed the music industry, its demise was unveiled by the company. The Senior Vice President of Apple’s soft engineering, Craig Federighi passed the following statement: “The promising future of iTunes isn’t a single application, it is three. Apple TV, Apple Music, and the Apple Podcasts.”

Getting launched in 2001, iTunes was the online platform where there was the availability of digital songs which could be downloaded as well for the Apple iPod players.

There has been a shift in the lifestyles from the internet cloud to the streaming podcasts, music, videos, and more because the high bandwidth connections and the online data centers have given birth to larger on-demand expectations of entertainment.

Apple has set a priority of marketing digital content & services to the broad, international audience of people who are using its devices as it seeks to stop itself from the iPhone sales in a cooling market of smartphones.

The executives were cheered by the audience who were present at Worldwide Developers Conference and improvement which were promised for making the applications easier and more convenient for the Apple devices were also appreciated by the audience.