Japan proves again why it is the technological big brother to look up to

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Japan’s time and again has proved its technological strengths by innovating and making breakthroughs in the field of electronic technology. Japanese electronic products account for a large share in the world market, compared to most other countries.

Japan is one of the leading nations in the fields of scientific research, technology, machinery, and medical research with the world’s third-largest budget for research and development at USD 130 billion. Chipmakers have spent two decades pouring investment into a revolutionary new technique to push the limits of physics and cram more transistors onto slices of silicon. And now a tiny Japanese firm named Ushio has made a breakthrough in the skill of manipulating light for applications. Ushio’s advances cement its position among the little-known Japanese companies are indispensable to the production of the world’s consumer electronics. The Tokyo-based company developed a light source for equipment used to test what is known as masks: glass squares slightly bigger than a CD case that acts as a stencil for chip designs. That’s where Ushio comes in. Its technology uses lasers to vaporize liquid tin into plasma and produce light closer in wavelength to X-rays than the spectrum visible to the human eye. That light helps chipmakers spot potential defects in the product. This process takes a room-sized machine and requires a team of people to operate. After 15 years in development, the EUV business will start contributing to profit from the next fiscal year, stated Koji Naito, the CEO of Ushio Inc.

He also stated that the infrastructure for this technology is almost ready the only thing holding it back is EUV, with that in place production efficiency and yields can go up. Japan has proved again that it’s a contribution to technology is crucial to global development in the field.