Japan Secures the First Place in the Exascale Supercomputing Battle

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RIKEN and Fujitsu declared that they have completed the structure of the Post-K exascale stage, preparing for creation of the equipment, trailed by delivery and establishment. Still in the racing to be the world’s first exascale framework, Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) is planning to make the framework accessible to its clients “around 2021 or 2022.”


For Fujitsu, the declaration has exceptional hugeness since the organization is presently ready to fabricate, dispatch, and introduce the equipment for the Post-K machine. Simultaneously, Fujitsu likewise uncovered that they will offer a business adaptation of Post-K for the HPC showcase, in light of a similar arrangement of advances.


It will intrigue see what sort of purchasers appear for the business Post-K offering, which probably will be collapsed into their PrimeHPC portfolio. We wouldn’t be at all amazed to see the at least one European governments put resources into a framework or frameworks, given their inclination for Arm-fueled supercomputing. The UK government, specifically, appears to be particularly given to the processor design for open HPC obligation, having conveyed Isambard, which is right now the biggest Arm-control framework in Europe. A portion of Fujitsu’s current household HPC clients would likewise be great prospects for such an item, and these incorporate an entire slew of Japanese colleges and government inquire about organizations. Regardless, potential clients won’t need to hold up long to get their hands on Post-K innovation. Offers of these frameworks are slated to start in the second 50% of monetary 2019.


In light of our past giving an account of the Post-K rollout, that time span additionally lines up with when the main Post-K racks are required to be introduced at RIKEN. Given that it’s as of now April, we speculate the generation and gathering of the server parts are as of now well in progress. Which implies that whoever is Fujitsu’s producer of the Post-K’s A64X processor, should produce a couple of hundred thousand of them throughout the following year or somewhere in the vicinity. Following the organization’s declaration, the A64FX will convey “over 2.7 teraflops,” which is a similar number Fujitsu was touting last August, when they uncovered the underlying insights concerning the processor. At the time, we thought, Post-K may get a further developed, incredible adaptation of the A64FX, however at any rate for the time being, that doesn’t seem, by all accounts, to be likely to work out.