Japanese diplomacy might save the security of the nation

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Japanese security has been a matter of hot news for the past couple of weeks following the row escalations with neighbour South Korea over the wartime labour issues and also the North Korean projectile launches.

Japanese security concerns rose substantially in a very short period. Japan is now rethinking its alliances with the nations to reaffirm the faith in its defence strategies as well as to bring back confidence in the common masses that it can handle any threat that the world throws at it. Japan has been a close ally to the United States, and it would like to keep it that way. With Russian peace treaty concerns growing we expected that the nation will try to cut some ties with the United States to comply with the Russians, but this didn’t happen, and the nation is working on a way around this issue. Japan also gets its 40 percent crude oil from the middle east and most of it comes from Iran. Since the United States and Iran are at loggerheads these days and a recent accusation on Iran from the States over the Saudi attacks has only fuelled this rivalry. Japan is trying to mediate talks between the nations as both nations are essential to maintain the balance of its security and economy.

This is an interesting case for Japanese diplomacy as it must give its best to work around the global issues and make the best for the economy. The Japanese approach to these matters will be closely monitored by its rival so it’s essential that the nation gives its best.