Japanese ministry to see changes for security concerns

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Japan has been working on improving and advancing its security levels following the threats from North Korea and the recent row between Japan and South Korea over wartime labor issues, which has led to straining of relations between the two nations.

Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe has been working on improving Japan’s security sector as he is having made some huge decisions regarding the security of the nation. Japan bought anti-missile systems from the United States, also fighter jets from the renowned U.S. based Lockheed Martin Corp. Since Shinzo Abe came to power in 2012, he has been increasing the defense budget year after year to spend it on fighter jets and other defense assets, Japan is currently the largest buyer of most expensive U.S. weapons system which is the F-35 stealth fighter jet. Next week Japanese cabinet of ministers is to be shuffled as the sources with knowledge of the matter.  Shotaro Yachi, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s national security advisor, will likely retire when the Cabinet is reshuffled next week as the source said. Also, Shigeru Kitamura, 62, Japan’s top intelligence officer, may be tapped to replace Yachi.  If this post goes to Kitamura it will be beneficial to the country’s top national security post as he has a police background. Also, Japan’s Foreign Minister Taro Kono is being considered for the role of Défense minister in this reshuffle. Kono may be tapped to succeed current Defense Minster Takeshi Iwaya following the foreign affairs minister’s tough stance against South Korea over wartime issues resulting in strained political and trade relations.

Kono is known for his upstanding relation with the United States and also for his relationship with the U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo which can prove beneficial for the nation by strengthening the nation’s role in trilateral security cooperation between Tokyo, Washington, and Seoul amid the ongoing dispute. Japan’s security’s future is set to be changed following this cabinet shuffle shortly.