Japanese multinational to employ technology in the upcoming Rugby World Cup in Japan

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Japan is all set to host the Rugby World Cup and also set to elevate the game’s experience by incorporating technology into aspects of the game from jerseys, pitches, broadcasting and some more aspects of the game.

Japan as the technology giant it is, has incorporated technology in Rugby, this has been implemented and achieved by Asics Corp. a Japanese multinational company specializing in Sports equipment production and design. This Japanese multinational has created jerseys using 3D and simulation technology which were unveiled to the public in Tokyo, in June earlier this year. Also, the jerseys are lighter, quicker drying, comfortable to wear, having flexible knit fabrics preventing wear and tear due to the nature of the sport. The grass of the pitch also has been revolutionized by using a hybrid approach which means using natural as well as artificial grass for the pitches, which ensures the durability of the pitch throughout the whole tournament. Also, special cameras are used to record and analyse different aspects of the game, such as the spider cams to record and broadcast action from a very unique perspective. The referee also has a camera attached on his chest area which offers a view from the referee’s perspective which can be used by Television Match Official (TMO) which utilises the special cameras, when the referee is in doubt he turns to the TMO which helps him make his decision based on the close observations by TMO in his room. Some of these technologies have been used previously before but since Japan is a prominent name in the tech world the application, this tech into the game has gained attention as to what different is Japan doing.

Japan has proved again that no matter what sector, be it a sport or be it any other sector Japan will always do it’s best to make the best version of the sector at least technologically.