Memorandum of Understanding Signed Between African Union and Huawei

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The African Union (AU) and Huawei recently approved an MoU at the AU headquarters situated in Addis Ababa, as stated by the Chinese media, Xinhua News Agency. The reports stated how the Memorandum of Understanding focuses on the internet of things, making broadband sturdier, 5G, cloud computing, AI, etc. This contract between the two companies is to allow the growth of the African Union in the vast arena of ICT.

It is established how the MoU intends to form a better collaboration and data exchange between the AU and Huawei. Both the companies are also dedicated to utilizing the local African talents and also raising domestic employability prospects by familiarizing young individuals with ICT related information and services. By 2020, about 660 million Africans will be issued with smartphones, as stated by an international accounting company, Deloitte. Furthermore, Global Mobile Telecommunications Systems Association is of the impression that by 2023’s end, smartphone infiltration rate in Africa will have reached 50%.

This contract with the African Union is among the numerous contracts signed by Huawei in these times of crisis. Many areas, more significantly the developing countries, continue to prefer Huawei’s technology, in spite of the constraints placed by the United States’ government. This is mainly because of the tech. giant presents one of the most cost-effective substitutes to comparatively costly American tech. devices.

Ever since Huawei Technology was added to the U.S. entity list, Huawei has continued to encounter one bad scenario after another. Numerous firms inhibited their association with Huawei following the sanction by the U.S. Google, Intel, AMD, ARM, etc. have stopped all collaboration with Huawei. Firms such as the Wi-Fi Alliance, SD Association, and PCle standard also went on to canceling Huawei’s membership. However, the mentioned companies have since withdrawn from their previous verdict.