Mnuchin urged suppliers from the US for seeking approval to continue selling to the US trade blacklisted Huawei

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Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury Secretary has encouraged the US suppliers to seek the approval for continuing to sell equipment to Huawei.

The US has been raising concerns for the past few months that Huawei might be posing a national security threat and could also be used by the Chinese Government as a backdoor for spying.

Tensions between the administration of Trump and Huawei reached their heights in May after the Department of Commerce of US added Huawei to their trade blacklist, which forbids the company from purchasing any components from the companies in America without the approval of the government of United States. This move could greatly affect the operations of Huawei since they rely heavily on parts made in US.

The spokeswoman of Treasury Department, Monica Crowley, however, has denied that Mnuchin asked the US companies to continue business with Huawei, as it would be  sidestepping the national security decision taken by the Commerce Department.

Being on the Us trade blacklist has created many problems for Huawei, as many tech companies and suppliers of US, including Google, have stopped providing the essential software to it.

This toughened stance of United States on Huawei took place as the negotiations for trade war between China and the US reached their deadlock in May, and as a result both the countries announced an increase in the tariffs on a vast range of imports.

Finally, last month, the Chinese President, Xi Jinping and President Donald Trump sat together on the sidelines of the summit of G20 in Japan and agreed to hold back themselves from additional tariffs on the goods of China and further discussed the issue of the clamping down of Huawei