National Restaurant Association predicts that 1.6 million new people will get employed at the restaurants by 2029


Today, the report by the National Restaurant Association was released which basically studied the major forces that impact and shapes the industry of restaurants inclusive of the technology, menu trends, economy, food, the workforce in addition to the developments relating to the limited service of some restaurants and table-service.

The report is a commanding tool which collects, analyzes data from various surveys circulated nationwide among the chefs, owners of restaurants, consumers, and operators.

CEO and President of the National Restaurant Association, Dawn Sweeney stated: “The restaurant industry is on a continued growth trajectory, driven by an expanding U.S. economy and positive consumer sentiment. 2019 marks the Association’s centennial anniversary, and the comprehensive analysis contained in this report provides a firm foundation for restaurant owners and operators to make decisions about the future of their businesses.”

The Senior Vice President of the research & knowledge group of the National Restaurant Association, Hudson Riehle stated: “Consumer demand for greater convenience and speed will continue to accelerate, and restaurants are responding by adopting and incorporating more sophisticated layers of technology into day-to-day operations. Operators across all restaurant segments will focus on building their business among millennials and younger consumers in the years ahead. To attract these digital natives we can expect the majority of operators to get creative in offering personalized incentives, deals, loyalty programs and rewards through various digital channels.”

In addition to this, operators are planning to explore the technology to reach diners on a vast level. The mainstream operators in each of the 6 main segments of the industry say they have intended to be devoting more resources to both electronic marketing and to social media in 2019. Moreover, a majority of operators have plans of devoting more resources to deal directly with customers, employ service-based technology like an online app which one can use for making reservations, paying via mobile, ordering food, or delivery management.