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Nigeria security attacks and cybercrime scenario

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Back in 2018 when Nigeria recorded 54% of the criminal activities in the country. Nigeria has always been a hub for Cybercriminals’ illegal activities. Nigerian hackers have added Malware distribution to their email scams. In the recent report of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the US out of 80 people video 77 people are which leaves Nigeria’s biggest countries online fraud in history.  Nigeria has the highest number of smartphone users in South Africa which refers that the technological education of local Nigerian people is whey advanced than that of other countries. These rising scams are never stopping in Nigeria and their encouragement is derived from the politicians who are in senior leadership positions. Nigeria from the past two years has recorded $46 million fraud cases around the world. The banking industry in Nigeria the highest targeted sector. Cybercrime such as fraudulent electronic mails, pornography, identity theft, hacking, cyber harassment, spamming, automated teller machines pooping and piracy forms of Cybercrimes used by Nigerians. A major part of revenue in this country is derived from these criminal activities and the robbery of the bank. These Cybercrimes do nothing well but lead to an increase in terrorism and economic sabotage. The employees of the country and didn’t feel insecure to share their personal details if it is going to be kept as a record with the government the constant threat of the information getting stolen every minute. They should be the establishment of the legal and regulatory framework of all the standards and regulations to protect the interest of consumers and commercials. The local residents of Nigeria should be aware of the tips and techniques used by cybercriminals for crimes and hacking. Now this country which is completely flooded with cyber-criminal activities it will be interesting to see how Nigeria copes from this disaster.