Nintendo has unveiled a cheaper version of the Switch gaming console.

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The Switch Lite shall retail for $199.99, or $100 less than the original device, in time for the all-important holiday shopping season. The new console will be released on Sept. 20 and comes in yellow, gray and turquoise, the company said in a statement. Nintendo’s shares climbed as much as 4.5% in Tokyo.

The shares of Nintendo have rebounded in this year, being optimistic that the cheaper Switch, that has a stronger pipeline of the games and also a potential entry into China shall help in overcoming the missteps of last year and broaden the customer base of Nintendo beyond dedicated fans.

The analysts of the Citigroup, Minami Munakata along with Yui Shoji said in their research note that launch that was releaser sooner than it was expected suggests that the latest handheld console is very likely to gradually capture the end of the year commercial season demand. They further said that they doubted that any new device would have a significant change in shipments, provided that some of the gamers, especially Japanese, had been delaying Switch purchases.

The Nintendo Switch that was basically original and was launched in March 2017, lets the people play in 3 different modes that are television, tabletop, and handheld, whereas the Switch Lite has been designed only for handheld mode.

At the original debut of hybrid console, it was looked as at the classic Nintendo, a latest gadget which shattered the norms of the conventional and trending video games.

Their objective was to design the gaming experience as flawless as they could, while also allowing the people to use the products in innovative ways, for example like converting it into a virtual motorcycle or piano. Their company has shipped almost seventeen million Switch consoles in the last fiscal year.