North Korea’s recent projectile launch questions Japanese defence strategies

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Japan and North Korea have been at loggerheads since North Korea has aired threats to Japan. Japan is currently in a row with South Korea too, which has raised some serious security concerns among the common masses.

On Tuesday, 10th of September 2019, North Korea launched two projectiles towards the sea. The projectile did not cause any harm to Japan or didn’t even reach or breach Japanese territory as officials are claiming, this launch has certainly raised questions among the people about their security. Japanese Defence Minister, Takeshi Iwaya, has stated that they consider this to be a serious issue and will be continuing surveillance activity and monitoring developments on the issue closely to issue suitable warnings. Japan has also growing security concerns with South Korea. South Korea and Japan’s relations have strained following a dispute on wartime labour between the two nations. China is expected to take advantage of the situation as the nation’s further alienate themselves from one another in order to rekindle its relations that were strained due to some political differences.

Japan despite of making significant changes in its Security in the past couple of years should try to keep the alliances with the neighbouring nation of South Korea as it is essential to its defence system. Japan and South Korea should understand that no matter what military might they might possess if they were to go out alone in the world with just their military and no alliances, they would face troubles like never before. Japanese security is somewhat a pickle for now, with all the Russian and United States negotiations going on with the Japanese administration.