Not possible to go through trade deal with China

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Huawei is the epitome of treachery. Beijing restricts foreign competitors, of its net of backbone technology products, access to market, swamps it with investment, and chooses to look past its apparatus of industrial espionage. Given these, Huawei can agree to the provision of superior quality components to Western telecommunications services at prices which are 30% lesser than that of Western dealers. For the Chinese contenders which are less dominant, Beijing burdens foreign companies looking for access to market to become a part of joint projects and transfer registered technology and engages in bold state-subsidized industrial espionage.

In 2001 when China joined the World Trade Organization, the accession contract it signed was supposed to have dealt with many of these practices, but the President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, has generated governing and trade cultures that make it practically impossible to reach an enforceable arrangement. Obedience to the World Trade Organization rules would have needed Communist Party front-runners to motivate the younger associates, the state-owned companies, and private businessmen to accept the established Western standards of morality and integrity when in their conducts with foreigners and to display respect towards intellectual property.

Instead, courtesy of the internationally distributed nature of networking, AI, and many other novel technologies, together with the difficulties of firewalling Western goods and software designs, the democratic capitalism faces a significant existential threat at the hands of Chinese kleptocracy. Considering its fine abilities in the field of AI and its market size, if all of China’s inventions are esteemed by the Western businesses and law but the inventions of Western firms are taken with impunity, the U.S might just fall in front of China.

Dislike towards foreign property rights is so thoroughly wounded inside Chinese businesses and politics that the true partners for negotiation would not be at the negotiating table and President Xi would fail to deliver them.