Oculeus Wins yet again another Cybersecurity Award

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Oculeus is the major provider of the pioneering telecommunications solutions. It declared on March 26th that the company had won from the Cyber Magazine Defence, an InfoSec Award. Oculeus has been given this award for being the Most Innovative Telecoms Fraud Protection for its service for the prevention of PBX toll fraud and hacking on telephony systems and enterprise communications network.

These awards honor the cybersecurity innovation in many rare services and products that compel value propositions and are decided by a panel of judges that are certified professionals of enterprise cybersecurity.

“With telecoms fraud continuing to gain momentum in 2019, we are proud to see Oculeus as an award winning innovator offering a new approach to defeat the cybercriminals responsible for the ongoing problem of telecoms fraud,” said the editor in chief of Cyber Defense Magazine, Pierluigi Paganini.

Oculeus-Protect is an actual protection service that is Cloud-based telecom and prevents fraud. It directly guards the enterprise PBX systems and some voice telephony systems against the dangers of toll fraud and hacking. The service is totally independent of a service provider enterprise’s telecommunication and its efforts for telecoms fraud prevention.

“Our Oculeus-Protect service positions enterprises with automated protection against the ongoing problem of telecoms fraud, which has evolved over time from a telecoms networking issue to an enterprise cybersecurity vulnerability,” explained the CEO of Oculeus, Arnd Baranowksi. “Our award-winning service directly protects vulnerability PBX devices running on the enterprise premise or cloud that are beyond the reach of a telco’s telecoms fraud protection effort and can be used by an enterprise directly or by a telco for offering a telecoms fraud protection service.”

Oculeus has reported that a lot of major telcos and alike communications service providers have started the proof of concept trials for the service of Oculeus-Protect acting as the base in order to offer a service for the protection from telecom frauds in order to their enterprise the customers.